Jan Toporowski: Tadeusz Kowalik: Radical Political Economist, Solidarity Advisor, and Critic of Globalised Capitalism

Tadeusz Kowalik, the doyen of Polish political economists, died at his home in Warsaw on the 30 July (in 2012 – ed). … In the English-speaking world Tadeusz Kowalik is best known as the last surviving co-author of the great Polish economist, Michał Kalecki (1899-1970), an advisor to the Polish trades union movement Solidarity during the 1980s, when it played a key part in bringing down the Communist Government in Poland, and subsequently as a fierce critic of the capitalism established in his country. In his work he challenged both the commonly accepted view of the ‘Keynesian Revolution’ and inability of Polish communists to come to terms with their revolutionary past and find a place for themselves in the modern world. More

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