Monthly Archives: December 2013

Kees van der Pijl: Two Forms of Money Capital in the Current Crisis

The current crisis is called ‘financial’ because it originated in the volatile movement of high-risk financial instruments that since the 1980s have come to dominate the Western economies. Upon the collapse in 2007-08 of the house of cards created with ever-more flimsy paper titles, ‘financial crisis’ was therefore an appropriate term for what was happening. More

EU Experts’ Discussion Organisers: Input to a Further Debate

In our “after-workshop-email” we had asked you to participate actively in a common effort of thinking how to make the suggestions of Gabi and Mariana politically more concrete and more efficient: More specifically, how to highlight the solidarity with the socially weakest in European politics, how to achieve a solidarization with the “underclass” and the “marginalized and excluded people”, while fully activated the disenchanted broad middle class, in a common effort of addressing and challenging the present EU institutions. More