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Gabi Zimmer: “What Has Changed since the Manifest Beginning of the Global Financial Crisis and the Euro Crisis, with and by the Crisis Management?

– on the question and on the thesis of a new stage of neo-liberal transformation of the EU”.

I shall try to formulate my response as a politician of DIE LINKE and of the European Left. Both are interested in an exchange with intellectuals, in order to improve our common understanding of the present situation. The difficulties, I shall have to face, do begin with a  elementary one: please click here


Judith Dellheim: Working on Strategies against Financialization and Capital Oligarchies

I’m trying to address (and raise) your interest in appropriate approaches for researching into political strategies which at the same time are fully facing the existing reality and looking for possibilities of a political practice working for a society of freedom and equality in a tangible way, a society built on solidarity, while meeting the requirements of ecological sustainability. More


Jan Toporowski: Some Observations on Debt Audit

The starting point for any discussion of a debt audit must be the principle that in a democratic polity all public sector and government income and expenditure, as well as debt, must be audited. Governments and politicians must be held accountable for all their financial as well as political transactions. So too must supposedly independent arms of the government. Please click here

Leonidas Vatikiotis: The Rise of Golden Dawn

1.           What caused the rise of GD?

                 In a few words Troika and Memoranda. On elections of 10.2009 they gained 0,29% (19.993 votes) and a year before on 5.2012 they gained 6.97% (440.966 votes). Between these two elections only one development mediated: the social crisis which was imposed by EU and IMF. Continue reading