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Judith Dellheim: “The Accumulation of Capital” – A Pillar of the Concept of “Imperial Modes of (Production) and Living”

Let us begin by imagining a fictitious scene: Marx and his friend Engels applaud Rosa Luxemburg for her work The Accumulation of Capital. They engage in joint criticism, and then the three get into a heated debate. They point out to each other (and also to themselves) theoretical shortcomings in the line of argument. They co-operate with delight and through lively debate. More

Remarks of the Workshop Organizers

About one year ago we have started our workshop project with the call  “100th
Anniversary of ‘The Accumulation of Capital: A Contribution to an Economic
Explanation of Imperialism’: A Century-Old Work Remains Current, Provocative
and Seminal”. We have wanted to use this anniversary to honor Rosa Luxemburg as
one of the most fascinating characters in the struggle for freedom in equality,
to come together for a mutual learning process – i.e. in order to discuss our
political-economic analysis of historical reality and to improve our academic
methodology. More

Yiannis Tolios: The Capitalist Oligarchy in the Early 21st Century – The Greek Version

Over the last decades, the development of new technologies, the intensity of concentration and centralization of production and capital, the acceleration of the processes of regional integration and ‘globalization’ of economies and the implementation of the neoliberal governance “model” of the capitalist system, have led to significant changes in the composition of finance capital, the mechanisms of distribution and redistribution of income and wealth, all in favor of the capitalist oligarchy, at national and supranational level. More

Tina Schivatcheva: The Great Leap Westward – China and the Land Grabs in Ukraine and Bulgaria

The recent global rise of food prices has predicated the explosion of land-grab practices at a global geo-economic scale.  In Eastern Europe, although the post-socialist ‘great transformation’ entailed the commodification of the land, unsettled land ownership and undeveloped land market offered, at best, only a short-lived and tenuous protection from land-grabs.  The global financial crisis impacted particularly strongly the resource-dependent, export-oriented economies of Bulgaria and Ukraine. More