Nick Deardon: Some Workshop Suggestions

Regarding the complex “debt – austerity policy – financialisation – capitalist oligarchies – production and consumption patterns – hegemony – socio-ecological reconstruction/transformation – and the especially dramatic dimensions of the Greek case” and regarding the more concrete above formulated issues – how would you characterize your main interest and your research method?

As an NGO Director I am interested in elucidating the structural cases of poverty, inequality and injustice at a global level, especially the role played by debt – austerity – financialisation, which plays a key role in the expansion of capitalism into ever new areas of society from the Third World Debt crisis of the late 1970s onwards. Today this nexus is expressed by the European Debt Crises, but the global dimension of these policies needs to be borne in mind at all times – and I see our role as vital to doing this. 

We are interested in reaching beyond ‘standard’ NGO campaign techniques which tend to ‘dumb down’ real analysis so that it is stripped of all radical content. We want to play a role in transforming academic analysis into ideas communicable to the general public. This certainly means de-mystifying, but, we hope, not losing the power of the ideas expressed. We do this by producing educational materials and events, in conjunction with other international and UK-based anti-austerity organisations. Well these organisations do important work, the level of analysis is not great, Our involvement in analytical events is important to help us translate ideas into practical use.  

Which of already existing in English language texts would be the best for giving an appropriate impression of your work from the point of view of content?

As the above will suggest, we are interested in the translation of idea into everyday language. A key way we do this is through articles:

We also do it through materials and events

But we do also produce longer reports which incorporate developments in the debt – austerity – financialisation nexus, such as:

Please see

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