Marica Frangakis: Workshop Suggestions


  • Regarding the complex “debt – austerity policy – financialisation – capitalist oligarchies – production and consumption patterns – hegemony – socio-ecological reconstruction/transformation – and the especially dramatic dimensions of the Greek case” and regarding the more concrete above formulated issues – how would you characterize your main interest and your research method?  I do indeed consider the high level of financialisation as an endemic factor of the current crisis.  Finance has been instrumental in the outbreak of the crisis, as well as in its continuation, through its size in the economy and its influence on the political system (revolving doors between financiers and politicians).  The fact that financial policy reform is no longer part of the public discourse, as opposed to austerity and governments’ ‘fiscal profligacy’, is further evidence of the attempt of finance to gain and maintain ideological hegemony.  Exposing finance for its malfeasance and regaining hegemony is a major challenge for the left today. 
  • At the forthcoming workshop, I would like to contribute on the first set of issues described in your message below (the influence of austerity, etc), with reference to the case of Greece.
  • Which of your already existing in English language texts would be the best for giving an appropriate impression of your work from the point of view of content?  I attach a recent article of mine on the Greek crisis (in both English and German), which was published in the Z-online journal, as well as in Schattenblick (also online).   I also attach an article of mine on the public debt crisis in the EU and its implications for policy (published in the Journal of Contemporary European Studies, 2011)
  •  Would you please send us the address of your website or of the website of your collective?   I upload my work on www.academia.edum (once there, typing in ‘Marica Frangakis’ in the search engine opens up my page). 

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